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Mecklemore, not less

Sunday, 1 April 2018

"Google has done it, why not mecklemore?" Christoph Mecker, director of Mecklemore Pty Ltd, asks. Establishing the verb 'to meckle' as a synonym for 'gaining meaningful insights into all aspects of business performance' or 'deriving incredible value from an organisation's data assets' keeps things short & sharp and makes perfect sense as the following conversation demonstrates.

Executive: "Congratulations on identifying the root cause for high customer churn in South Australia! How did you do it?" Analyst: "I just meckled it." Executive: "Great work. Let's all meckle more, not less in the future and outperform the market."

Yes, sometimes language can be this simple (and it's a company name explained). Jovial as this is all intended, timely and data-driven decision making is becoming a key differentiator in an increasingly competitive and volatile market.

Mecklemore is a consultancy specialising in corporate performance management and data analytics and if you seek to empower your business users with meaningful and actionable insights, please connect with us today.

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