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Automate with SolveXia

Monday, 30 July 2018

SolveXia ( is the process automation platform for financial analysts and actuaries who rely on complex spreadsheets, macros and Access databases.

Most of us would be familiar with the benefits that RPA (Robotic Process Automation) can deliver to an organisation. There are many vendors providing RPA solutions in the market and our clients implement these solutions to automate simple but voluminous tasks (e.g. invoice processing). However, for the automation of highly specialised processes that are generally understood by a small team of experts, such as actuaries or management accountants, desktop keystroke automation is not the answer.

The Australian software vendor filling this void is SolveXia. SolveXia provides 150+ pre-built robotic processes that can execute commands in Excel, Word, Access, relational databases and more. We think of it as a production line of many, highly specialised robots that can be sequenced in a virtually programming-free environment.

As processes are developed and automated in SolveXia, documentation and an audit trail detailing any changes to the automation process are captured within the tool. This means that if a new staff member needs to understand a process, they can review the system generated documentation (that is always up to date) and be productive right from the start.

We’re very excited about introducing SolveXia to our client base. If you’d like a demo, please contact us via the form below.

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