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Accurate People Insights with AbilityMap

Thursday, 1 November 2018

At mecklemore we are always on the look out for solutions that help our clients gain actionable insights from data. We are therefore proud to announce our latest partnership with AbilityMap. 

AbilityMap drives productivity through accurate people insights. Our Australian customers may be familiar with AbilityMap’s founder, Kevin Chandler. Kevin is an organisational psychologist who also founded Chandler Macleod Group and has developed the AbilityMap solution based on his 40+ years in the industry.

AbilityMap’s approach is to identify those traits in an employee that drive high performance. These traits are captured in the solution and can then be used to align existing staff or recruit the right people in the right roles within an organisation.

Research by EY, Schmidt & Hunter and Bersin highlight that 32% of hiring managers would not rehire certain staff after having experienced working with them. Why have organisations built operations around such below-average expectations, when it is widely accepted that that with the right talent in place, business productivity and the ability to compete increase?

AbilityMap empowers companies to: 

  • Find what drives high performance with accurate insights 
  • Understand what your people are really good at 
  • Avoid bad hires by getting the right people in the right job 
  • Optimise L&D spend 
  • Create an objectively diverse and qualified talent pool 

Stay tuned for more articles on why you should consider AbilityMap for your organisation. If you’d like a demonstration of the software, please contact us via the form below.

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