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Monday, 3 August 2020

Mecklemore director, Christoph Mecker, joins global virtual advisory firm Helperstreet as the expert for digital transformation in the office of finance, corporate performance management and business analytics.

"Helperstreet is representing the future of advisory services, where world-class expert advice is accessible from anywhere at any time without fuss. Book. Brief. Get money back if not satisfied. Simple. I like that." Christoph Mecker, said.

Helperstreet co-founder, Lars Janowski, highlighted "The success of our platform strongly depends on the calibre of experts we attract. Christoph will be an incredibly valuable advisor to CFOs and FP&A managers who seek to transform their department into value-adding, data-driven business partners."

Helperstreet have built a world’s first, completely virtual, globally networked, on-demand ecosystem of advice, education and packaged solutions for businesses of all sizes.

  • Expert ONE, gives businesses remote virtual access to Helperstreet experts from anywhere in the world with over 20 years of experience in their field of specialty.
  • Expert PAK, is totally unique, and provides packaged solutions to businesses that can be delivered quickly and cost effectively. All solutions are designed against a fixed scope and fixed price and delivered in full within a fixed time-frame, all pre-agreed at the time of booking.
  • Expert LAB, is a subscription service giving businesses access to our entire pool of experts for one cost effective monthly fee. There are 4 levels of subscriptions tailored for the individual business needs and budget requirements.
  • The ACADEMY, provides on-demand access to business education seminars and downloadable content and offers bespoke interactive online training and consultation for organisations with specific needs. The TOOLKIT Library is purposefully curated, to ensure businesses have access to a range of practical tools, written by our experts, that can be instantly downloaded and implemented into the workplace.

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