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AFR Business Summit 2019

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Mecklemore attended this year's Australian Financial Review Business Summit in Sydney this week. The summit was dedicated to the topics of trust, purpose and prosperity against the backdrop of the Haynes Royal Commission, the rise of populism, US trade 'wars' (aka 'tech war'), and the role of technology in changing business models and driving productivity growth.

It was the impact of technology on businesses across all industries that drove us to attend. What we heard did not disappoint although not much came as a surprise. Alongside broad statements such as "all companies are becoming tech companies", "data is key to business success", "digital is becoming the new normal", "AI is grabbing investor attention" there were some practical examples on how big business is embracing technology and making a difference - today. Our favourite example has to be Blackrock who are no longer waiting on consumer sentiment data to be published but evaluate satellite images around shopping centres and use AI to obtain a 'real-time' reading.

The wide-ranging acceptance that data is a key asset for any type of business and that investment in technologies that convert data into actionable insights has become a matter of survival, gives us some confidence that we are operating in a much sought after domain. Our capabilities stretch across strategy setting, program management, implementation services and ongoing support for corporate performance management and data analytics solutions.

If you would like to hear more about 'enabling insights' at your organisation, please talk us today.

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