Integrated Budgeting for Law Firms

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Budgeting and reporting financial and matter information is critical to a law firm’s success in an increasingly competitive environment. We believe an integrated budgeting process requires every fee-earning team and cost department to be involved in linking a firm's financial goals to its firm-wide objectives.

Mecklemore has developed a solution using the BOARD software platform ( that enables budgeting and reporting of revenue (by fee earner and matter), costs, profit and cashflow using a single, web-based application.

Whether you work for a law firm or an internal legal department, the BOARD solution eliminates the use of spreadsheets in your planning and reporting processes. We find that using spreadsheets for budgeting is manual, prone to errors, time consuming and often results in delayed decisions.

Instead, an on-line BOARD solution lets employees focus on value-add activities such as cost control (if you are an internal legal department) or the provision of greater predictability and transparency to clients (if you are a law firm providing legal services) in relation to their legal spend.

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